Our school started education with 180 students in 2004/2005 academic year. First  graduates went to different universities with 58 % success, this success rate rose to 62 % in the second year.

Our students are usually from the  town ,20 % from the outside .Some of the students come to school by service because of the distance to their living places.Some of them stay in the dormitories because their families live in some other parts of the city.

Our education system is usually the same at all schools in the country.We have got Education Ministry  at the Capital.So,in our starting classes the subjects are determined  from the center according to the country’s needs.The students are educated with the same programme ,as a result , they have scientific ,language,Turkish  and social lessons at 9th classes.In the second grade they are classified according to their interests and success degrees.The classes are categorized in the departments such as social ,science ,maths and Turkish literature and language classes.The students think about their  future jobs and university subjects while deciding these subjects.Usually ,the students have English Language as the  main foreign language  in all classes till they graduate. They study German Language as second foreign language. These  are obligatory languages.For instance , if the students want to study Medical at university they attend the science classes;if they want to study Law at university they attend  Maths and Turkish Literature classes; if they want to be a socialists  or something like that they attend the social classes.Our school is one of the best schools in the Province because of the capacity of students and education levels.These students come to this school due to their graduation grades and exam results done after the primary and secondary school which  combined as an eight  years  education school – primary education ,now.It  gives High School education which prepares the students academically for  the university education.

By the way , our school has got social club  activities which help them to take part in the activities according to their interests.We  have got school newspaper published by the students full of their own works,stories and poems.They participate to the competitions organized in the Main Province or the Country with their Works.They have art lessons in which they draw and paint pictures and take photographs . Finally,  they  exhibit their works at the end of each semester .They have got activities related to the theater.The talented students get prepared for a play during the education year  and they play it at the end of the year.The families and authorities are invited for the display.In our sports club activities, the students join the basketball ,volleyball ,tennis matches organized in the town firstly ,then in the province and if they become successful they even make matches with the country schools’ teams.We have got medals for the sport activities as school.




Our music club also make the interested students take part in the musical activities.They have got own music group and they organize festivals at the end of the education year.They sing songs and play the various instruments at the festival.The school has also got chess club team which joins to the competitions with the other schools.Talented students increase their ability by practising at school.Our school travel club organizes scientific and cultural sightseeings in the country at least once or twice a year.The club organizes the introduction travellings to the important univesities of the country in order to make them have information about universities and decide which university they want to go after their high school education.By this social activities the school aims to make the students take part in activities ,display their abilities and increase them by practising ,for this reason the school gives awards for their successful performances.

Our school has 48 teachers, 1 clerk, 1 servant, 2 director’s assistants and 1 director’s head assistant and 1 director.Each teacher tries to do his or her best to educate the students and get prepared for the university.

There are 5  9th grades, 6 10th grades, 9 11th grades, 8 12th grades. Besides this, there are 2 science labs, 1 room for art and drawing, 1 room for music, 1 sports hall and 1 canteen .The school has got a computers’ room and each classroom has got a projector .

We organize  Project Works national and internationally at school to make the students express  themselves in the communities.We had a  “Blue Lid Project”  in which students collected  the pet water  bottles’  blue  lids  in order to support  the disabled  socially.They sent the lids to the Aegean University .The university gave a wheeled chair foreach  250 kilograms pet bottles lids . The school gave these wheeled chairs the disabled in the city.



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